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Anyone considering taking up the great game of golf must take into consideration several factors before buying a set of clubs.

A budget may be important. A beginner golfer should not splurge on the latest and greatest set of clubs. What the actual amount spent will vary depending on an individual’s financial situation, but there are a number of beginner golf sets that cost less than $300. These sets typically include a driver, hybrids and irons, and a putter. The rules of golf allow for no more than 14 clubs to be carried during play. Beginner sets often do not include specialty wedges like a sand wedge. Those may be purchased separately.

Beginners might also want to take into account the flex of the shafts. More flex, or the amount of stiffness, is better for longer hitters. That usually means a beginner will benefit from more flex.

Another option for a beginner is to consider used clubs. That isn’t necessarily the best choice since there are plenty of good new options. Let’s take a look at some of the best new golf sets for beginners.

Callaway Strata Complete Golf Set

Golf pros described this set as “high-quality equipment with everything you’ll need.” The quality of this set means it could last a golfer all the way from beginner to moderate expertise. This set lists at around $200.

Wilson Golf Men’s 2017 Ultra

Wilson’s 2017 Ultra Complete Set has improved technology that focuses on helping beginners get more distance out of their drive. Golfers will also only spend about $160 on this nine-club set.

Tour Edge Bazooka Men’s 360 Box Set

Golf pros love this club set. These high-quality clubs are great for anyone just starting out, despite the lack of brand name recognition. This set is a bit pricier at more than $350, but well worth it.

Other good options include:

It should be evident that the beginning golfer can start with a complete set of quality clubs without breaking the bank. This list is merely the beginning, as the choices are numerous.