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Golf is a game of many skills. However, what you do on the green might be the most important of them all. Let’s take a look at some ways to improve your putting.

Scout the Green From the Low Side

It’s a lot easier to understand the texture of a green from the low side. While you’re looking at the same thing either way, this shift in perspective gives you the best read for the putt. Approaching the green from the high side gives an unnatural sense of elevation that could offset the ball.

Work on Depth Perception

It’s easy to take depth perception for granted as something our eyes have provided our whole lives. However, it can often be uncalibrated, which leads to poor reads on the green. In your garage or at the practice green, mark off some objects and try to guess their distance. Calibrate your depth perception for perfect distance measurement. When you get to the actual green, you’ll have a good sense of distance between you and the hole.

Picture the Hole as a Clock

Picturing the trajectory of your ball is not an easy task. One thing that can help is to picture the whole as a clock, with six o’clock pointing at your feet. Then, visualize at what angle and time your ball will roll into the whole. Focusing on the destination instead of the entire trajectory can be easier to manage at once.

Find a Horizontal Background

When you kneel down to read the green, the background may not be horizontal if there are clouds or trees nearby. These things can easily distract you. Instead, try to focus on a horizontal object in the background, perhaps a roof or the waterline of a lake. Knowing what comprises the true horizontal will allow you to read the green and determine which way your ball will roll.

Improving your putting will lead to massive progress in your golf game. Follow these tips to become a masterful putter in no time. Remember, putting is all about patience and technique.