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For any golfer, the perfect swing is the most important part of their game. With the perfect swing that means they’ve achieved the perfect drive, iron approach and pitch. But without any of those things, golf can often seem very frustrating. The following tips will help you improve your swing and, improve your game!


Before even stepping into the tee box and launching the ball towards the green, it is important to make sure you are in the right stance. Perfect posture in the tee box will help you put the ball where you want it. A wide stance, the distance between the club and the body, a slight bend in your knees are exactly what you need to get the ball to the middle of the fairway.


As you’re getting ready to swing, it is important to make sure your swing is just right. If you are swinging more forward with the ball, your swing will result in less of the club making contact with the ball. If you are swinging too far back, your swing won’t have enough loft to get it to the fairway or the green. Remember, the ball should be closer to your front foot when swinging with a driver and more central when swinging with your irons.

Head Down

You might be tempted to follow the ball down the fairway before you’ve fully swung through, but you must keep your eyes down on the ball until you’ve followed through on your swing. Moving your head too early will throw off your posture and your swing.


A good swing is generated through the power of the body and the movement of your torso. Insufficient movement and body rotation will cause an inefficient golf swing. To make sure you are properly rotating when swinging your clubs, your left shoulder should rotate to be above your right foot on your backswing and then the opposite on the downswing.


Once you are within striking distance of the green, it is time to focus on your chip shot. When approaching the green, your clubs should never be more than parallel with the ground on the backswing, and your hands always need to stay ahead of the ball and the club.

If you are still struggling to perfect your swing, speak with your local golf pro where you golf and ask for help diagnosing your swing. Your club pro will be able to help straighten out your swing and make you a better golfer!