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She dreams of reading the greens like her favorite professional golfer. He wishes he could improve his putting skills, but simply hasn’t yet found a solution to do so. Plenty of people love the game of golf and are looking to improve their skills; putting is one aspect of the game that many people wish to improve upon. Improve your putting skills through the following strategies.

Read The Green

The green seems so innocent; don’t let this fool you as myriads of golfers make mistakes in reading the green. This leads to strokes adding up and the round going down hill. There are plenty of ways to improve the way a person putts, and reading a green correctly is a hugely important part of that. A golfer can have the best putting technique in the game and still struggle due to mistakes in seeing a break or misjudging a slope.


How one holds his or her club is going to impact the way it strikes the golf ball. A person wants the follow through to be in a way that aims towards the desired location. Hitting the practice green and adjusting the grip will give a person a better understanding on what grip works best for their game.

Practice Matters

A golfer isn’t going to be like Arnold Palmer if they don’t practice. It’s pretty common to see folks hit the driving range to loosen up. It’s not as common to see participants on the practice green. A putting game isn’t going to improve itself; practice putting from all distance levels. Practice is important to improving one’s stroke.

Align The Body

Being unbalanced is going to make it incredibly difficult to strike the ball in a way that gives it the best chance to get in the hole. Never hesitate to align the shoulders in a way that faces the direction of the hole. Often golfers make it more difficult for themselves through poor posture and technique. Tweaking a putting approach can significantly help one’s putting game. Stick with the same approach and routine once finding a method that works. Changing up how the body is positioned each stroke will lead to erratic putting.